Air Comfort Cooling prides itself in the quality of our work, maintenance service, competitive pricing and above all providing excellent customer service. We serve most of south west Florida accommodating all major makes and models. Our company takes pride in being able to service all your air conditioning needs. All of our customers are provided a free estimate in advance. In most cases the cost of all repairs is a flat rate with no hidden fees or charges. We provide a 24 hour emergency service. Be assured there is no better way than to fill your needs by placing your trust with a licensed, family owned and operated company.

Savings for our Customers, 
Hot deals & Cool Prices.
As a dealer, Air Comfort Cooling prides itself in showing all of our customers how to save money in this hard economic time. This is why we recommend routine maintenance every six months. Keeping your equipment functioning properly saves time and money for you the consumer.
Business: (239)939-7987
Mobile: (239)878-6402
Service maintenance agreements are a important part of insuring unit life and cost effectiveness. We can repair or replace any air conditioning system. Being versatile with the communities around and able to respond to most calls in a timely manner.

Extended equipment life
Fewer repairs
Improved Capacity
15% discount on repair service-labor and material
Priority customer
Inflation protection
Agreement is transferable
24/7 emergency service
Lower utility bills
Repair or replace broken armaflex
Visual inspection of ductwork
Tighten screws in cabinet
Secure thermostat wires to lines
Adjust operating pressures
Test safety controls
Clean or replace air filters
Tighten electrical connections
Measure volts/amps on motors
Lubricate all moving parts
Clean condenser coil
Clean condensate drains
Measure temperature differences
At Air Comfort Cooling we always recommend our customers to have their A/C fully serviced and maintained every six months. This keeps all your equipment properly working lasting you a long time. Why is routine maintenance important? Check out some of our before and after pictures and you can see for yourself.
Air Handler Coil, 
Before Serviced
Air Handler Coil, 
After Serviced
Air Handler Coil, before cleaning
Special Foam Cleaner
Air Comfort Cooling's Testimonials....
Air Handler Coil, After Serviced
Special Foam Cleaner
Residential Maintenance Agreement

One Year, One System: $149.99
each additional system add $99.99 per year

Two Years, One System: $249.99
each additional system add $99.99 per year

Our office will contact you the month your maintenance is due, and will schedule it at a time that is convenient for you our customers.
"OMG.... The A/C guys from "AIR COMFORT COOLING" are here fixing my air. I'm getting my life back.... These guys are HONEST and will do you right."
- Robin, Cape Coral, Florida

"Air Comfort Cooling, Reliable and Honest and Quality so rare these days! "
- Bonnie, Cape Coral, Florida 

"Thank you for your prompt response to my service call. Rich was extremely knowledgeable and polite."
- Fort Myers Resident 

"Air Comfort Cooling was fast and courteous, I will call them next time for sure."
- Leighann, Venice, Florida

"Richie is the man!"
- Cape Coral Resident