We carry a full line of quality DayAndNight Gas Furnaces, Air Conditioners,
Heat Pumps, Fan Coils & Oil Furnaces
In addition, we carry these products that can further improve the quality
of your indoor air:
Filters, UV Lights, Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
Dual fuel systems utilize gas or electric heat pump heating 
and heat pump cooling to maximize
comfort and provide the most cost-efficient operation
Rebate eligible high-efficiency models

Every DayAndNight® unit is backed by exceptional warranties, including our No Hassle
Replacement™ limited warranty*, which gives you a replacement unit if the covered component
should fail within the first one to ten years, depending upon the particular unit. You also get up
to a 10 year** parts limited warranty.* And don’t forget to ask your dealer about HELP®
extended service agreements for additional worry-free labor protection
No Hassle Replacement- Limited Warranty

Day and Night Heating and Cooling Products offer a one time equivalent unit replacement if the compresso, outdoor coil or heat exchanger should fail during the No Hassle period. The No Hassle Repacement limited warranty varies in length of limited coverage- up to 10 years to the original purchaser. As the product features and effciencies get better, so does the No Hassle Replacement limited Warranty in order to give you the maximum protection for your heating and cooling system.
16 SEER to 18 SEER
2-5 Tons
2 Stage Scroll Compressor
2 Speed Fan Motor

Limited Warranty
Compressor- Up to 10 Years
Parts -Up to 10 Years
No Hassle- Up to 10 Years
Air Handler
2-5 Tons
ECM 2.3 variable-speed blower motor
4 Position

Limited Warranty
Parts- Up to 10 Years
No Hassle- Up to 10 Years
2-5 Ton Capacities
Round Ducts
Available With Tin Coated Copper Evaporator Coil

Limited Warranty
Parts-10 Years

Mini-Splits Ductless
Single Zone, High Wall AC and HP versions available
3/4 Ton to 2 Ton Capacities
Fixed Speed Rotary Compressor

Limited Warranty
Parts- 5 Years
Package Unit
2-5 Ton
Round Ducts
Available with Tin Coated Copper
Evaporator Coil

Limited Warranty
Parts- 10 Years
HoneyWell Thermostat 1000 Series
Easy to Use
Air Comfort Cooling has many products to offer our customers, some of these include:
Is it time for an upgrade? Check out our deals!
New Split Systems 410A, Starting at $2500.00

With new installed systems you get a 10 year warranty, New digital thermostat, and a courtesy free follow up after installation.